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One Piece 17th Anniversary: 5 - Foreshadowing

Oda created so many mysteries in the manga that we’re all eager to find out! And knowing that manga is still just half done gets me excited because those mysteries WILL BE solved and I just can’t wait! But my real favorite one was the story about brothers where all mysteries were solved so far about them. I am so glad that Sabo’s back and I just can’t wait to see him interact with Luffy and the crew. Thank you for bringing this baby back, Oda! And no matter how many times I say it, it’s the truth - Oda is a genius and One Piece is a masterpiece!

But one question is still there:

Was this really Sabo in Loguetown (chapter 98) when Luffy was about to be executed?

Because Dragon appears right after, in chapter 100. Oda… you sneaky devil!

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Even if you are lost in the sands of the Desert, Milky Way is so beautiful.

You need to raise up your head and you’ll find out ~

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it’s the BEST ever cake that I eaten! BAUMKUCHEN o(*≧д≦)o)) ♥♥♥

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NOW it’s a true тт_____тт

Studio Ghibli is stopping production of animated feature films

I can’t believe for it! It’s my lovely anime studio and it breaks my heart…this news  ι(´Д`υ) 

Seriously! I don’t like new 3D anime films and now I can’t see my precious Ghibli works? are you kidding me!?


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